Say Hello to Lifetime Savings with Lyca Mobile’s Autumn Sale

19 October, 2023 by Lyca Mobile
Say Hello to Lifetime Savings with Lyca Mobile’s Autumn Sale
Say Hello to Lifetime Savings with Lyca Mobile’s Autumn Sale

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected isn't just a convenience; it's a way of life. It is the ease of having the world at your fingertips, be it staying connected with your family or staying informed. Mobile phones have become our trusty companions, our lifelines in the digital age.? But are you spending tons of money to stay connected with your loved ones? If yes, then Lyca Mobile's Autumn Sale will give you a lifetime of discount. If you are new to Lyca Mobile then the Hello Swiss Max plan is something, you cannot miss. Read further to explore the plan.? Staying in touch with your loved ones shouldn't strain your wallet. If you are new to Lyca Mobile, then Lyca Mobile's Autumn Sale is your gateway to a lifetime of savings.?

  • Enjoy unlimited national and EU calls.
  • Unlimited International data.
  • 10 GB free roaming data.
  • Unlimited national SMS for just CHF 19 for 30 days (formerly CHF 39).?

The Autumn Sale: Lifetime Discount

Lifetime Savings:

Lyca Mobile's Autumn Sale isn't just about saving money; it's about ensuring that you can keep those connections strong without compromise. Because let's face it, staying connected is all about the joy of sharing, the thrill of discovery, and the comfort of knowing you're just a call or message away from those who matter most. With this Autumn Sale, we're not just offering you savings; we're offering you the power to stay connected, effortlessly.?

Price Drop:

Are high mobile bills giving you sleepless nights? Or are you feeling the pinch of high mobile bills and constantly searching for ways to cut back on expenses? Well, guess what? We've got some fantastic news that's about to make your day, your week, and quite possibly, your entire autumn! It's time to bid goodbye to that stress with Lyca Mobile. The Hello Swiss Max Plan slashed down the price to an unbeatable CHF 19 from the regular CHF 39 for 30 days.

Hello Swiss Max: What's Included?

We've listened to your need for unlimited everything, and we've got you covered. When you activate the Autumn Sale, you'll enjoy:

Unlimited National and EU Calls from Switzerland:

Stay connected with loved ones near and far without worrying about international call charges.

Unlimited Data:

Unlimited surfing is made possible with the Hello Swiss Max Plan. Whether you're streaming the latest blockbuster movie, attending virtual meetings, or simply scrolling through social media to catch up on the latest trends, your internet access is seamless and limitless. Gone are the days of counting megabytes or worrying about being disconnected when you need it most.

Unlimited National SMS:

Text messaging is still one of the most convenient ways to communicate, whether you're sharing quick updates, sending essential information, or staying in touch with friends and family. The last thing you want is to worry about the number of texts you're sending or receiving. Send unlimited free SMS to your heart's content.

Roaming included:

Get access to a generous 10GB of data, along with 1000 minutes and SMS in the EU, Norway, and beyond. It's the perfect plan to keep you connected wherever you go."

How to Activate?

Getting started with the Autumn Sale is a breeze. Simply dial *139*1007# or send an SMS with 1007 to 3535. We've made it hassle-free because we value your time.

In Conclusion

Staying connected is essential in today's fast-paced world, and Lyca Mobile recognizes that. With the Autumn Sale, we're not just offering you savings; we're offering you the power to stay connected, effortlessly. Bid farewell to those high bills and say yes to lifetime savings. Don't miss out on this limited time offer. Activate now and experience the freedom of affordable mobile communication with the Lyca Mobile data plan.