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How to Register
  • 1SIM Details
  • 2Proof of identity details
  • 3Personal & Address Details
  • 4Summary Details

How to Register

  • Insert your new Lycamobile SIM into an unlocked device
  • Use the information located on the SIM pack to find your ICCID & PUK numbers (printed on the SIM holder)
  • Restart your handset and you will receive an SMS with your Lycamobile number
  • Before you activate your SIM, please disable your mobile data. Plesae note: the personal details entered to register your SIM must match with your details on your proof of ID
  • If your details/name on your internationa;l passport is different from the details on your visa grant notice or visa label, use the details on your visa grant or visa label
  • Continue with online activation

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